Why 'My Mink Betty'?

Why 'My Mink Betty'?
I'm not your common, everyday twenty-something year old and when I graduated from High School I got an equally uncommon gift. My parents found for me a beautiful 1940's mink stole at a garage sale. It had belonged to the woman's Great Aunt Betty who had married late in life to a man with money and had only allowed him to buy her this one luxury. The unusually styled stole has the name, Betty L. Jones, embroidered in the satin lining so that's what I call her. They never had children of their own and the mink was passed to Aunt Betty's niece and on to her daughter. Until it got to me, no one since Aunt Betty had worn it. Now Betty the mink and I go to the theater together on special occasions and I hope that someday I can take her to the Symphony or the Ballet. Although Betty hadn't been worn or loved for many years she was waiting for someone to love her again as are most other things I look for when thrifting.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Late Easter!

I had to take a break from blogging because my mother is dealing with a herniated disk in her back which put her on complete bed rest.  She is responding well to medication now and is able to be up and about, but still needs full time help.  She is scheduled for surgery in June so I should be able to post a little more frequently now.  

In case you hadn't noticed, last week Sunday April 5, 2015 was Easter Sunday.  My boyfriend didn't grow up in the church and had actually never celebrated Easter before in his life so this year I decided to give him an Easter basket.  It was nothing fancy, just some candy, a card and a child's Easter puzzle but he loved it.  

Seeing as I was putting together a basket for him, Mom decided to surprise me with a basket of my own and the results were pretty hilarious.  She put it together when her alarm when off for her middle of the night dose of muscle relaxers and pain medication.

A yellow Tupperware serving bowl - an Easter bowl holding a mink pillbox hat!  The color of the hat is more blonde than Betty or my muff but I like it very much, anyway.  It's quite soft and my father actually retrieved it from an Estate Sale at Mom's request while she was on bed rest a few weeks ago. 

Check out her totally awesome kindergarten style artwork!

If you look carefully, you will see The Easter Alligator guarding his nest.
Yes, that's right, after the 4:00 am medication, one gets an Easter Alligator.
Dad said the alligator needed the mink to keep him warm (and HE wasn't even on meds.)
Doesn't he look cozy?

When I took the hat off the bowl I discovered a white chocolate rabbit, a package of pink peeps, a "bracelet" made from pipe cleaners (gee thanks) and one of my plastic alligators - yes I own more than one - guarding it's eggs in the Easter grass.

In unrelated news I finished my yarn swap on Ravelry and here's a sneak peek!

I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter holiday and spent some fun time with family and friends.

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  1. You are such a joyful inspiration, my dear :) I was thrilled to see you at this weeks Roses of Inspiration and am so thankful you linked up such a fun post. Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Easter alligator!!! What a scream! How fun.


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